Anxiety Makes Me Anxious

About The Book


Best funny book about a serious topic

This is a new way of looking at an old problem. Anxiety is not only about doom and gloom but it can also be the source of some valuably funny life experiences. Join Shayna as she shares deeply personal stories about her battle with anxiety and how she is still able to laugh every single day. 


Review from Jeremy W Smith

"Anxiety Makes me Anxious" offers a hilarious view into the apprehensive world of author Shayna Brazier, whose all-too-relatable worries are depicted both visually and verbally in an easy-to-follow, refreshingly honest format! Brazier's experiences are told using wit and friendly sarcasm, pulling the reader along with a laugh accompanying each sagacious insight. With illustrations reminiscent of comics found in the Sunday newspapers of yore, readers will surely giggle, concur, and have a blast reading the 2017 literary hit "Anxiety Makes me Anxious"!


Review from Sarah Kekauoha

Brazier’s voice is nothing short of humorous and honest. Her transparency in living ​ ​ with anxiety provides  ​the clearest (and funniest)  picture for anyone who can’t imagine what it’s like. Reading her stories is like watching a movie full of laughter, tears, and all the feels. Brazier has certainly breathed color into the world of anxiety with her thoughtful insights and vivid recollections. She provides tips for living with anxiety but shares personal stories and anecdotes that exemplify how those tips have worked (or how they became tips in the first place!). Her stories are sure to inspire both those diagnosed with anxiety and those without. This book will not disappoint!